PsyCop 7: Spook Squad

PsyCop 7: Spook Squad

By Jordan Castillo Price

Spook Squad had a lot of great moments.  There were a few mysteries, some Vic (and Jacob) are asked to solve, and some they just decide they need to solve.  Also interesting is how Vic’s opinion of Con Dreyfuss changes over the course of the book, despite his instinctual distrust of the FPMP, despite his concern for Lisa.

I like that Vic is always learning new things, about his abilities and what he can do, but still beats to his own drummer.

Vic tends to let things distract him.  As someone with Squirrel-brain, I can relate, but there were parts of this that made me want to hold up a banner with arrows pointing this way and that.  There were parts when Vic was so focused on trying to solve the mystery of who shot Roger Burke and how Laura was involved that I wanted to shake my head that no one was looking at the obvious.  Wasn’t Vic possessed back when Roger Burke and Jennifer Chance kidnapped him by Doctor Morgenstern?  Hasn’t it been established that possession is easier to accomplish with mediums?

I do like Laura, and I liked how it ended.  I wish there’d been more Crash, but the next should book fix that.


JCP Books:  PsyCop 7: Spook Squad

Amazon: PsyCop 7: Spook Squad

Audible: PsyCop 7: Spook Squad

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PsyCop 6: GhosTV

PsyCop 6: GhosTV

by Jordan Castillo Price

The sixth audio has Vic and Jacob making a trip out to California to PsyTrain, the facility where Lisa is training her own psychic abilities and trying to solve a little mystery. Along on the trip is Constantine Dreyfus of the Federal Psychic Monitoring Program, or FPMP, which makes for an interesting addition.

As the title implies, Vic finally gets his hands on one of those elusive GhosTV’s.

As with previous stories in this series, this one also introduces some questions and issues that will no doubt be in play in the future.  One item of interest, at least for me, was the vague and impossible notion of ranking psychic talents.

Vic and Jacob spend a good portion of the book at PsyTrain, the training center Lisa is at, and it is quite different from Heliotrope Station.  One of those differences is the labels they use for the various talents, and another is that they do not rank their talent.  This is no doubt in an effort to limit the stress such a ranking system can cause.  However, it makes one wonder how is something that is so hard to quantify ranked accurately?  And what makes them (whatever faceless bureaucracy is “them” in this context) decide that there are only so many talents.  How do they know what defines a particular ability?

These are thoughts this book, in part, made me think about.

JCP BooksPsyCop 6: GhosTV

Amazon –  PsyCop 6: GhosTV

Audible – PsyCop 6: GhosTV

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The Rebuilding Year available in audiobook

Go, now Listen…


Audible has released the audio book of The Rebuilding Year– I hope you enjoy this amazing interpretation of the story by Gomez Pugh. He did such a wonderful job of rendering the voices and narration exactly as I envisioned them. ❤

(When I get the codes, I will be sending out blog review copies.) So excited!!!!

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PsyCop 5: Camp Hell

PsyCop 5: Camp Hell

By Jordan Castillo Price

This fifth book in this series finally shows us a look at Vic’s past at the training facility, Heliotrope Station, or for those who actually suffered through and survived Camp Hell.

We see these memories through a series of memory regressions Vic experiences in therapy sessions when he looks up his ex-boyfriend, Stephan Russell, a level 5 empath.

I’ll be honest.  I’m not a fan of Stephan.  At first, I thought it was maybe the ex-boyfriend angle, but after some reflection, I don’t think that was it.  I have zero issues with Crash, Jacob’s ex.  In fact, I love Crash quite a lot.  There’s just something off about Stephan.  More on that later.

In addition to the regressions, Vic learns about a secretive organization that monitors psychics, and something new is learned about Jacob.  I do love Victor’s reaction to Jacob pilfering his White Light.

All of these things flow easily from the build-up of the previous books, and they build further to leave room for the future story lines.

I really enjoyed the story as a whole, as we get to see Vic history, through flashbacks, and how he compares to the other mediums in his past.  We also see how his certification may be skewed, and how and why he ended up at the Fifth precinct specifically.

I do have a few issues with Stephan.  (Highlight below for my thoughts on that.)

I get that the FPMP is pretty intimidating and maybe someone in Stephan’s position doesn’t have a lot of options.  Perhaps he didn’t have a lot of choice about whether or not he was going to make those reports.  But I feel like he could have, if he wanted to, either let Vic know the reports were being made (so maybe Vic could choose what went in them) or just as some sort of FYI, something.  But I also feel like Stephan, even back in the Camp Hell days was manipulating everyone and everything, Vic included, so he probably didn’t really have any qualms about the whole thing either.

JCP Books –  PsyCop 5: Camp Hell

Amazon – PsyCop 5: Camp Hell

ARe – PsyCop 5: Camp Hell

Audible – PsyCop 5: Camp Hell

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PsyCop 4: Secrets

PsyCop 4: Secrets

By Jordan Castillo Price

This fourth book is especially interesting because it brings about some interesting developments. Where previous books have had Vic working various cases through his job at the 5th precinct, this one has him taking some time off while he moves into his new place with Jacob, and as such he’s at something of loose ends while he struggles to unpack their joint belongings while Jacob gets called in to work a case with Carolyn. A case which has him both angry and disturbed, yet unwilling to talk to Vic about it.

In addition, Vic has lifted his head out of the sand long enough to notice that there are a number of privacy issues that surround him and anyone who comes into contact with him that he had previously been unaware of. This new-found knowledge has made him somewhat confused and questioning things, such as whatever happened to all those people he knew in the bad old days at Camp Hell?

This book brings up a lot of questions and is a great bridge between the previous books and the ones that come after.

And that end?  Especially enthralling.  Good thing there’s not currently a wait for book five.


JCP Books –  PsyCop4: Secrets

Amazon – PsyCop4: Secrets

ARe – PsyCop4: Secrets

Audible – PsyCop4: Secrets

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PsyCop 3: Body & Soul

PsyCop 3: Body & Soul

By Jordan Castillo Price


The third outing for Vic, a third partner (well third since Maurice anyway), but third times a charm, right?

Vic hasn’t had a whole lot of luck in the partner department since Maurice retired, and while things seem bleak at first glance, hopefully, it will all work out in the end.

There several things going on in this book. From meeting Jacob’s family for the first time to the missing person’s case Vic and his new partner are working. Plus there’s the issue of the house-hunting that Jacob is continuing with.  And Vic really wants to try that living together thing, as opposed to the vague idea it had seemed in the last book.

Of course, there are ghosts, murders to solve, and the inevitable house hunting.


JCP Books –  PsyCop3 Body & Soul

Amazon – PsyCop3 Body & Soul

ARe – PsyCop3 Body & Soul

Audible – PsyCop3 Body & Soul

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PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

By Jordan Castillo Price


Second adventure for Vic, Jacob and their friends.  This story has Vic breaking in a new partner since Maurice has retired and things with Lisa didn’t exactly work out as planned.  This one introduces some new issues, namely Vic’s abilities seem to be getting out of control, his meds are killing him, his new obnoxiously chipper partner, an unfamiliar doctor at his usual clinic, and weird nighttime activity that he doesn’t remember

We also get to meet Crash, who has the distinction of not only being Carolyn’s best friend but Jacob’s ex.  If that sounds like it might be complicated, you’re probably right, but he’s a welcome addition to the PsyCop cast of characters.


JCP Books –  PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

Amazon – PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

ARe – PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

Audible – PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

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