Review: Holmes & Moriarity 3: The Boy with the Painful Tattoo

Again, I enjoyed the continuing look at the developing relationship between Kit and J.X, and they start to cohabitate. The case here has them drawn in unwillingly for the most part, and Kit makes some errors in judgement that had me shaking my head. However the strength of this story (and probably of the series as a whole) is there relationship and how Kit is struggling with a variety of things, most of which he won’t talk about, but J.X. is quietly there supporting him, trying to help him in whatever way he can, even when that support sometimes causes friction between them and their very different lives (up to this point) don’t always meld well.

We also saw a nice brief cameo by Adrien and Jake from the Adrien English series, so bonus. 🙂

ARe – The Boy with the Painful Tattoo

Amazon – The Boy with the Painful Tattoo


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