Review: Adrien English 1: Fatal Shadows

This is not the first time I’ve read this book, however I’ve never reviewed it before so…

This review is *solely* on Fatal Shadow, not on the series as a whole, so bear that in mind that I’m trying to keep my comments to the ends on this book and not the future ones.

This is first look we get at Adrien English, and whom I generally love (though at times I want to shake him).  I love his internal monologue and his dry sardonic wit, and the way, despite his dry spell (romantically) and his health issues, he’s pretty comfortable in his own skin.

Jake Riordan is a little more complicated.  He seems conflicted in this book about whether to believe Adrien or not, and whether he wants to pursue what is obviously a mutual attraction, despite his own seriously contrary and complicated regarding homosexuality and it’s place in his life.

The sex scenes, though few are so painful to read because of Adrien’s sexual partner.

Overall, this was a great start to a good mystery series with interesting, flawed and complicated characters.

ARe – Fatal Shadows

Amazon – Fatal Shadows


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