Review: Adrien English 3: The Hell You Say

The third novel in the Adrien English series brings a lot of conflict and new characters.  The case revolves around Satanism and Adrien gets swept up in it due to his assistant, Angus.  Through the case we get introduced to one of Angus’ professor’s Guy Snowden, who, I’ll admit, I’m not altogether fond of.  I’m not sure if that’s down to his personality, or just because of the situation with Jake.

Speaking of Jake…the relationship (if you want to call it that) with Jake has even more conflict here, due to Jake’s own issues and his attempt to be *normal*.

We also get to me the Dautens.  Adrien’s mother, Lisa is getting married and her new husband has three daughters who try to welcome Adrien into their family with enthusiasm.  To the point where Adrian says he’s trapped in a “Perry Como Christmas Special” when he spends the holiday with them.  He’s not wrong.  Still, I like the daughters.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, and while parts are kind of difficult, I think it’s an important misstep on the journey.

ARe – The Hell You Say

Amazon – The Hell You Say


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