Review: Adrien English 4: Death of a Pirate King

This book, while good, and as well written as the previous ones, was difficult to read for a number of reasons.

It starts out two years after the last one (The Hell You Say), and as such Jake and Adrien have not only been apart (romantically/socially/sexually) for that time, they haven’t had any contact, which seems to be mostly the way Adrien wants it.  While he’s been separated from Jake, he’s been seeing Guy Snowden (the demonology professor from the previous book).

I’m not a fan of Guy’s.  I wasn’t a fan of him in the previous book and though he isn’t in a *lot* of this one, his actions here do not endear him to me.  The whole situation with Peter Verlane (another character from book 3) is completely out-of-bounds, and I’m not sure how he can say that it has ‘nothing to do with Adrien’.

But Alas, moving on…the case in this book deals heavily with Jake and Jake’s (apparently crowded) closet.  The heart of the case is down to the manipulations of Paul Kane, someone Jake has had repeated sexual liaisons’ with.

On the plus side, the case brings Adrien and Jake back together (as was intended) and causes them to deal with some of the issues that separated them and force them to confront what’s going to happen (or not happen) going forward.  This book ends with a hopeful look at what might be there future.  Only time will tell.

One final comment.  I like Adrien’s new family, I do.  However there were several points during this book, when I wanted him to sit down with Natalie and explain to her that what goes on at Cloak and Dagger (whether she witnesses it, overhears it, or it’s just supposition) it is NOT to be shared with Lisa (or her father or Lauren, or whoever is she may be sharing information.  I’m sure they all mean well, but seriously, since they don’t know the whole story (about anything they may hear) it just turns into more drama and chaos.

ARe – Death of a Pirate King

Amazon – Death of a Pirate King


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