Review: Adrien English 5: The Dark Tide

The final Adrien English mystery (so far at any rate—I can always hope for another one down the line) was bittersweet for me.  Unlike the previous four books, I had not previously read this one, so it was a “new” read.

Still, I had some mixed feelings.  Aside from the obvious (in that it was the last) was the fact that though at the end of the last book, it seemed that Jake had made it to the end of his issues, so perhaps they could find their way clear, that was not to be the case.  However, I do understand where Adrien is coming from. Cardiac rehabilitating is no joke and the emotional rollercoaster is real.  Add that to the trauma of what happened in book four, plus what Jake had previously put him through, and I can understand his hesitation.

The case wasn’t as involved as previous cases, but considering it was a 50 year old case, and that there was more going on, personal level-wise, that was okay.

I wasn’t overly pleased to see Guy again, and Mel was kind of an ass (seriously…but I expected it considering…) however, I think both appearances were necessary both for us as viewers to Adrien’s life, and for Adrien himself to really *see* Jake and what he had with Jake and what he felt for Jake and the different between monochrome and Technicolor, and the real thing.

I am pleased as well that Angus returned and that both he and Natalie stayed at the store (she got rid of Warren finally) and that both John Tompkins and Scout will have a new home in Porter Ranch.

Overall, I think this was a lovely end to the series, though I do wish there would be another book if the story comes (or more cameos in Holmes & Moriarity).

ARe – The Dark Tide

Amazon – The Dark Tide


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