Review: Turkey in the Snow

Turkey in the Snow

by Amy Lane


This was a delightful holiday story about the adjustments that need to be made when one unexpectedly becomes a parent and about not judging people solely based on obvious stereotypes.

Henry “Hank” Calder has recently acquired custody of his niece, Josie, after his younger sister came for a visit and just left her behind. Henry adores Josie and is doing is lever best to make a stable home life for her, despite Josie’s constant reminders of what “mommy” would or wouldn’t do.

Enter Justin, the daycare guy at Henry’s gym, and a flamboyant, swishy, queen if ever there was one. However, Josie adores him, as do most of the children. The problem here is that due to past experiences, Henry abhors drama, and Justin is nothing if not a drama queen. They don’t get off to the best start, but it doesn’t take long, for that to be remedied.

Overall, this is a fun light-hearted, read. There’s only a tiny bit of angst towards the end when the sister returns, but it all works out in the end.

Dreamspinner Press – ARe –Turkey in the Snow

ARe – Turkey in the Snow

Amazon – Turkey in the Snow


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