Review: Cut & Run 3: Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips By

Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux


This third novel in the Cut and Run series furthers the relationship variables between our two protagonists. Ty and Zane are back at work and are given an undercover assignment wherein they have to impersonate an out committed gay couple on a cruise. Doesn’t sound like it should be too difficult, right?

Regardless of what they have admitted to each other (or perhaps themselves), they are in fact committed, I think. And while I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are either out, nor ‘gay’ (both are clearly bisexual, if you have to slap a label on them), they also have significant undercover experience. This shouldn’t be a problem. Right.

The problem is, this assignment, is cutting it a little too close to home (or what they’d like to be home), despite the differences in the personalities of their fake identities and their real selves, there is enough of wishing to make for uncomfortable situations. Then, of course, there are the death threats. But what would a Cut and Run novel be without a little danger?

I understand how some people might be frustrated with the miscommunication going on between Ty and Zane in this book (in regards to their feelings for one another). In the previous book, while Ty has acknowledged, to himself, his feelings for Zane, the same cannot be said for Zane. For much of the previous story, Zane seemed to be denying or repressing the depth of his feelings. Yes, he would admit (inside his own head at least) that he feels strongly for Ty and that those feelings are probably permanent, he seems reluctant to put a name to them.

However despite all this I can totally understand this type of behavior. Here you have two guys, who for the most part have loved solitary, independent lives (at least in the recent past) and they aren’t used to laying their emotions bare or discussing things or putting themselves at risk (at least not on an emotional level). They aren’t sensitive guys who talk about their feelings anytime the mood strikes. They’d probably rather bury their head in the sand until the it goes away, or barring that, keeping their issues to themselves so they are the only ones to suffer.

That said, by the end of this novel, some of that miscommunication seem to be resolved, though what comes next is still up in the air. I guess I’ll have to see what happens next in Divide & Conquer.

Dreamspinner Press – Fish & Chips

ARe – Fish & Chips

Amazon – Fish & Chips

Audible – Fish & Chips


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