Review: Cut & Run 5: Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous

By Abigail Roux


I really liked this one.  I read Warrior’s Cross recently, so I was familiar with Julian and Cameron and their story, but I have to say I enjoyed Julian a lot more here.  I’m not if that was from his snarky attitude (and his snarking with Ty) or just a byproduct of listening to the Audio (versus just reading).

This book has plenty of opportunities for everyone to show their badassery.  We’ve got what starts out as a simple retrieval assignment, then turns into Ty and Zane escorting Julian and Cameron to DC (with Julian trying to escape at every opportunity).  Julian and Ty pretty much hate each other on sight, which leave lots of room for amusement, just based on their personality traits alone.  Plus there’re the people trying to prevent them from making it to DC.

I absolutely *loved* the animal metaphors.  I want a t-shirt now that says “I’m an Elephant.”  Of course, no one would probably get the reference, but alas…

Along the way, they have need of an alternate route, and this brings Nick O’Flaherty into the picture.  This, as one could imagine, was a complicated little endeavor.  On the one hand, Nick is TY’s oldest friend, on the other Zane is still pretty pissed off about that little kiss that happened in the last book.

However, this new encounter with Nick allows Zane and Nick time to talk, without Ty, which I think is important.  It allows Nick to apologize, and for him to explain some things (both about his general history with Ty and about their shared history as POW’s).  This is an emotional bloodletting, mainly because Zane hates the idea of anything that cause hurt to tie, but it also gives us a new understanding of Nick.

I had gathered (just from what little had been said in the previous book) that their experience as POW’s and his sense of loss had affected his actions previously (as well as the alcohol), but this definitely explained it a lot more.  I still feel that his actions were highly disrespectful of Zane and the relationship Ty had with him (but since he really had no reason to respect Zane as a person, aside from as Ty’s partner), plus with the addition of the alcohol, he probably didn’t have as many inhibitions or control.  So, I’ll let it go.

The case is resolved, Julian and Cameron can go off and do whatever, though I’m a little bit sad at Preston’s outcome, though he didn’t seem too put out by it.

I was happy to see Ty and Zane make the decision to move in together, but I cautiously curious what this might mean for both their job’s and their families (well Ty’s anyway, as far as I can tell Zane doesn’t have much contact with anyone but his sister).

On to the next volume…

Dreamspinner Press – Armed & Dangerous

ARe – Armed & Dangerous

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