Review: Cut & Run 6: Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes

By Abigail Roux


Okay…so a lot of emotional stuff happened in this book.  Lots of injuries too (but that happened later).  We start off with a trip to Ty’s family homestead where Ty and Zane (sort of accidentally) come out to Ty’s family.   This event was very emotional for Ty as he had kept this secret from his parents for so long and their reaction was about what you might expect from the Grady’s.  Their upset had zero to do with his relationship with Zane and everything to do with keeping secrets and running from the family.  And really, that speaks more about the kind of family the Grady’s are than anything I could say.

In contrast, we finally meet Zane’s family.

After all of the goings on in Virginia, Zane gets a call and heads out to Texas.  I liked Zane’s father very much, and his sister, but his mother?  She’s a piece of work.  I kind of get it, though.  I don’t approve of her behavior or the way she wouldn’t bend in the slightest, and she doesn’t seem at all suited towards parenthood at all.  However, I kind of see the allusions that were being made about the kind of person Zane used to be.  Not just the drinking and the drugs, which we saw a little bit of in the beginning, or the prostitutes, he made mention of, or whatever shenanigans went on in Miami or other locales.  No, the implication here is that Zane was a different person before all that, not just *before Becky died* but when he was with her, he was a more closed off person.  And that right there says a lot, not only about his relationship with Ty but how they have affected each other.  Because it’s not just Zane who has changed in this last year.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Cut & Run book without a little mystery, and this one has animals…

Ty’s weird aversion to horses is hysterical as is his understandable issue with large felines.  And the way, despite all that, he connects to a tiger anyway?  Adorable.

The ending was perfect, but I feel as though I’m waiting for something horrible to happen.  It’s all gone remarkable well so far.  But then, they still have to deal with work.  What will McCoy say when they return?  Clearly Ty lied, and what’s his excuse for that?

I guess there’s nothing for it but to listen to the next book.  What a hardship…


Riptide Publishing – Stars & Stripes

ARe – Stars & Stripes

Amazon – Stars & Stripes

Audible – Stars & Stripes


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