PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

By Jordan Castillo Price


Second adventure for Vic, Jacob and their friends.  This story has Vic breaking in a new partner since Maurice has retired and things with Lisa didn’t exactly work out as planned.  This one introduces some new issues, namely Vic’s abilities seem to be getting out of control, his meds are killing him, his new obnoxiously chipper partner, an unfamiliar doctor at his usual clinic, and weird nighttime activity that he doesn’t remember

We also get to meet Crash, who has the distinction of not only being Carolyn’s best friend but Jacob’s ex.  If that sounds like it might be complicated, you’re probably right, but he’s a welcome addition to the PsyCop cast of characters.


JCP Books –  PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

Amazon – PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

ARe – PsyCop 2: Criss Cross

Audible – PsyCop 2: Criss Cross


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