Review: PsyCop 1: Among the Living

PsyCop 1: Among the Living

By Jordan Castillo Price


So much love for this series.  Vic is this heartbreaking combination of that person you sort of recognize but kind of don’t want to admit to, and the vulnerable but yet strong character we all want to be.  On the surface, he’s a wreck, and maybe it’s more than just the surface, to be fair.  He’s so incredibly flawed, and that, in all honesty, is his greatest strength.  His power his fascinating, because it’s interesting, and because it’s not quite what it seems, and because it puts him at odds with most people, but that really only scratches the surface.

This first book also introduces us to Jacob Marks, another police officer and a member of a PsyCop team, in another precinct from Vic.  Unlike Vic, Jacob is the Stiff half of a PsyCop unit (i.e. the non-Psychic partner), and while Vic is trying to figure out why Jacob is wasting his time on anything more than a one-night stand, they also have a series of murders to solve where none of the witness reports match.

This is a delightful first introduction to all the characters in this lovely series.


JCP Books –  PsyCop1: Among the Living

Amazon – PsyCop1: Among the Living

ARe –  PsyCop1: Among the Living

Audible – PsyCop1: Among the Living


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