PsyCop 4: Secrets

PsyCop 4: Secrets

By Jordan Castillo Price

This fourth book is especially interesting because it brings about some interesting developments. Where previous books have had Vic working various cases through his job at the 5th precinct, this one has him taking some time off while he moves into his new place with Jacob, and as such he’s at something of loose ends while he struggles to unpack their joint belongings while Jacob gets called in to work a case with Carolyn. A case which has him both angry and disturbed, yet unwilling to talk to Vic about it.

In addition, Vic has lifted his head out of the sand long enough to notice that there are a number of privacy issues that surround him and anyone who comes into contact with him that he had previously been unaware of. This new-found knowledge has made him somewhat confused and questioning things, such as whatever happened to all those people he knew in the bad old days at Camp Hell?

This book brings up a lot of questions and is a great bridge between the previous books and the ones that come after.

And that end?  Especially enthralling.  Good thing there’s not currently a wait for book five.


JCP Books –  PsyCop4: Secrets

Amazon – PsyCop4: Secrets

ARe – PsyCop4: Secrets

Audible – PsyCop4: Secrets


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